Emmanuel’s entrepreneur … Billy

moneyEmmanuel’s own entrepreneur Billy, has at the tender age of 5, raised £1,000.00

Billy’s story.

Whilst at All Hallows, our joint beneficiary,  Billy was asked to come to the front by Rev. Amanda.  She showed him a £1.00 and said  “Some people live off this amount of money for a day, some live off this amount for a week.  I will give you this pound, go and see what you can do for your community with it.”

On the way home Billy stopped and bought some black bin bags.  He went to school and borrowed a litter picker.  He was now set up and on his way to school and around the streets he collected the rubbish.  People were so impressed by this they started giving donations to Billy’s fund. Within the next few days his £1.00 became £1,000.00.

Billy’s Fund

The fund is for the youth group which is for youths aged 8 – 15  who meet on the 4th Sunday of the month, at the Hub Kirkburton.  Here they play games, enjoy doing arts and crafts and are fed.

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