Westminster’s Terrorist Attack




Today the United Benefice of Kirkburton and Shelley, wish to thank and pay tribute to all those who were involved in the terrible and senseless acts of terrorism yesterday. To give our thanks and condolences for the lives taken and those injured by a lone terrorist who attacked the houses of parliament.


It is our desire to thank all the security and police officers, our emergency services and all who those in positions of authority as well as those who sacrificially serve and dedicate their lives to keeping this country safe.


We respectfully send our condolences to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives yesterday. To police officer Keith Palmer who in an act of pure sacrificial bravery gave his life not only to protect the members of parliament but to protect us all. We are grateful to this man (and others) who have given this country a renewed energy to stand united as a people who defiantly uphold British Values and Democracy.


Today, we reverently send our love, especially as mothering Sunday approaches, to Aysha Frade a teacher who died, allegedly collecting her children from school yesterday. In our compassion and love, we offer our prayers to her children and husband, as they wake up this morning to irrevocably changed life.


As we come to terms with our loss as a nation we collectively offer our thoughts and prayers of healing and recovery to the forty people injured. We ask God to be with all people affected yesterday but particularly those in a critical condition.


Poignantly we are currently in a period of Lent where are called to re-examine our lives, to ask for forgiveness of all our wrongs, and to be quietly reflective. This Lent let us today unite in prayer:


Lord, we pray for all those who walk in freedom today, because of those who  sacrificed their lives and bodies to keep us safe.


Lord, we pray for the families of those who lost their lives yesterday and for those  who are still battling to stay alive. To them, we offer our solidarity, our love and our  determination not to give up but to carry on with them at this difficult time.


Lord, we pray for those injured or maimed. To those who will face the rest of their  days coming to terms with physical and physiological scares, or deeper mental and  spiritual wounds after yesterday’s terrible and senseless event.


Lord, we pray for all those striving to give support amid this devastation, for our   security forces, police officers, ambulance and medical services and for those who  with such bravery assisted in yesterday’s disaster.   And we ask that all unsung  heroes are equipped today with renewed compassion, wisdom and strength.


Lord, we pray for Teresa May. We thank her for the determined and yet   compassionate speech and tribute she gave yesterday to the nation. Also for her  strength and power as she addressed in parliament today. Help guide her as she continues to work with other countries and our own people to keep our beautiful   nation safe and united.


Lord, may we never take others for granted, may we be united in our love of those  who have suffered. Give us the strengthen to be united in the face of evil and give us the power to change this world, not by killing but by loving.




The humbled Reverend Amanda.


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