A brilliant sleepover

The ‘big sleepover’ was a great success and a truely wonderful community experience. The camaraderie between the young people, many new to each other and spanning a large age range, and also between adults who were digging deep from busy working days to be involved in a potential all nighter was very special. Everyone supported each other and teamwork flowed. It was an honour to be involved in this event.

Children ranged from 7-17yrs and the adults were an experienced group of well briefed volunteers who took the helm. All were DBS checked.

The outcome was brilliant.

There were games, crafts,quizzes and challenges earlier on in the evening followed by a comforting bedtime story that captured everyone’s imagination and led into a short reflection time. Ending the night (and going a little into the morning!) was the film- by popular vote- Moana! A cinema style atmosphere was created with the film projected. This was of course enhanced with popcorn, hot chocolate, toast, toast and more toast…

Sleep did occur for the young people to some degree and for the adults…. well…maybe!

In the morning we were very kindly graced with sausage, bacon and egg butties. These were lovingly provided and cooked by The Flying Ferret pub and greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all young people and volunteers for making this such a special event. In particular thanks to Rev Amanda who was the brainchild, encourager, coordinator and as ever the one who got herself fully immersed in proceedings and fun.

written by Sarah Wood

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