Calling all knitters

Calling all knitters…..
The Spirit of Christmas in Wool
A while ago a request was made for unwanted, left-over scraps of knitting wool, any thickness, any colour, to be left at the back of church, which would be used in a project being organised by our Ministry Team. The response was amazing – thank you so much to all who contributed, we can now progress to the next stage…………

It was promised more details would be revealed in the May magazine – so here we go… Are you ready to take up the challenge?

The idea is to knit CHRISTMAS ANGELS…
dozens and dozens of them – THE MORE, THE MERRIER!

This is NOT a competition, merely a combined effort, the results of which will send out a message to everyone, telling them of God’s unquestioning love for us. How that will happen is, I’m afraid, still a secret to be fully explained much later in the year.

These are small items, easy to knit whilst you have one eye on the TV at home, or why not organise a Knit & Natter group amongst friends or neighbours?

So PLEASE search out your knitting needles, (size 9 suggested) then pick up a knitting pattern and help yourself to some wool from the bag at the rear of church. Choose any colour for the skirt, but white is best for the head and wings. Remember, these Angels are small items – one ball of wool will go a long way.

One or two angels will be keeping watch near the box of wool in church so you can see what they should look like – why not take a picture so you have a reference with you? Watch this space………………………

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