Remembrance service

The remembrance service was a very moving service.  The church was full.  The Brownies walked their flag down the aisle to start the service, they also participated in other parts of the service.  We also had a bugler called Andrew.

The laying of wreaths, flowers and lighting of the candles helped us to remember those who have dies in war both past and present.  Ollie represented like others our military.

A vey big thank you to all those that made this service so special.

Gift Box Appeal

Saying bye to the boiler

Sadly we have had to say bye to our boiler.


Happily here is our new boiler fully installed and working, giving warmth and hot water for the months ahead!

Kirkburton First School Pig Race.

An unusual happening took place this week in the village of Kirkburton…

Kirkburton First school held a race night, a race night unusual …no.  Schools raise money with race nights always a good fun evening for the family.  Kirkburton did not have horses, films or snails they had PIGS.

Yes the pig race took place! A massive thank you to all those who helped to organize a wonderful happy evening and raising the amazing sum of £240 for the church!

And the winner is ….

Malcolm’s 80th Birthday

A few pictures from Malcolm’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALCOLM!

British Legion

We received some lovely letters and i was going to just take parts out of them for an article but they deserved to be shown!

Lightwater Valley, The Big Night Out

lightwater pictures

The big night out on Sunday 20th May, saw a coach of 22 young people aged 11 – 17 years old from both Kirkburton and Shelley villages head from Kirkburton to lightwater Valley Theme Park for the day.

The diocese staged the event and any young person living in the surrounding villages were welcome to join in the fun.  The theme park was closed to the public for the evening and we gained exclusive entry to the rides.  The evening then culminated in a concert with superb lively musicianship from the band;TWELVE24.

The leaders were reminded that during the day of amazing teamwork that goes into such events and once again felt privileged to be involved.  The sense of camaraderie, support and professionalism and seeing people having fun was energising.  We had an abundance of laughs and an appropriate amount of ‘silliness’ and antics flowed.

The measure of reliability of the young people was highlighted when they spotted the leaders in the cafe and reminded them that they would be late for our picnic rendezvous time if we didn’t get going! This showed the young people to be fantastically fun, responsible, incredibly inclusive of each other and extremely entertaining!

The picnic and evening was an amazingly sunny time.  Some of our boys backflipped, back somersaulted and entertained us while we awaited the concert (see photos).

Following the the concert, the girls started to queue for photos with the band.  Having being told unfortunately there was no time left as the coach was waiting, they somehow seemed to draw the bands attention and get their photos taken anyway.  Well done girls!

Also noteworthy, was the answered prayer of Reverend Amanda.  Bereft at the thought of just missing out on the last mini ‘ladybird’ roller coaster ride of the day, she summoned her heavenly Father’s ears (and pleaded a little … a lot … with the ride attendant) and managed to clinch her adrenaline kick.

As a final relocation of our trip, I am left to marvel at the broad skill bases and multiple willing personality types involved in putting on such a event, both from our local perspective and from the wider organisation of the main event.  It has served to show us again that humanity and teamwork is an amazing thing, especially when working towards a common goal and belief.

Written by Dr Sarah Wood.


A message from Rev Amanda

We are remembering in our prayers all who have been affected by last night’s bombing in Manchester.

As our hearts go out to those whose loved ones are still missing, we also give thanks for the many acts of kindness and compassion towards people left frightened and stranded.

We pray for peace and union and that our love surrounds the fifty injured and those suffering loss.

From all in Kirkburton and Shelley.

Calling all knitters

Calling all knitters…..
The Spirit of Christmas in Wool
A while ago a request was made for unwanted, left-over scraps of knitting wool, any thickness, any colour, to be left at the back of church, which would be used in a project being organised by our Ministry Team. The response was amazing – thank you so much to all who contributed, we can now progress to the next stage…………

It was promised more details would be revealed in the May magazine – so here we go… Are you ready to take up the challenge?

The idea is to knit CHRISTMAS ANGELS…
dozens and dozens of them – THE MORE, THE MERRIER!

This is NOT a competition, merely a combined effort, the results of which will send out a message to everyone, telling them of God’s unquestioning love for us. How that will happen is, I’m afraid, still a secret to be fully explained much later in the year.

These are small items, easy to knit whilst you have one eye on the TV at home, or why not organise a Knit & Natter group amongst friends or neighbours?

So PLEASE search out your knitting needles, (size 9 suggested) then pick up a knitting pattern and help yourself to some wool from the bag at the rear of church. Choose any colour for the skirt, but white is best for the head and wings. Remember, these Angels are small items – one ball of wool will go a long way.

One or two angels will be keeping watch near the box of wool in church so you can see what they should look like – why not take a picture so you have a reference with you? Watch this space………………………

A brilliant sleepover

The ‘big sleepover’ was a great success and a truely wonderful community experience. The camaraderie between the young people, many new to each other and spanning a large age range, and also between adults who were digging deep from busy working days to be involved in a potential all nighter was very special. Everyone supported each other and teamwork flowed. It was an honour to be involved in this event.

Children ranged from 7-17yrs and the adults were an experienced group of well briefed volunteers who took the helm. All were DBS checked.

The outcome was brilliant.

There were games, crafts,quizzes and challenges earlier on in the evening followed by a comforting bedtime story that captured everyone’s imagination and led into a short reflection time. Ending the night (and going a little into the morning!) was the film- by popular vote- Moana! A cinema style atmosphere was created with the film projected. This was of course enhanced with popcorn, hot chocolate, toast, toast and more toast…

Sleep did occur for the young people to some degree and for the adults…. well…maybe!

In the morning we were very kindly graced with sausage, bacon and egg butties. These were lovingly provided and cooked by The Flying Ferret pub and greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all young people and volunteers for making this such a special event. In particular thanks to Rev Amanda who was the brainchild, encourager, coordinator and as ever the one who got herself fully immersed in proceedings and fun.

written by Sarah Wood